Three Buhnen HB5010 Hot Melt applicators installed in January 2012

Buhnen HB5010 Hot Melt Machine

McConnells continues to distribute a range of first class Hot Melt application equipment from Buhnen of Germany, including its popular HB 5010 machine for hand assembly use.  (The Buhnen range extends to large tank sizes with automatic programmed dispensing heads).

In January 2012, McConnells installed three of these HB 5010 machines into Customers bonding a variety of substrates. The HB 5010 Hand Held machine is the ideal “step up”  from trigger Hot Melt guns which apply shaped hot melt adhesives.   The advantages include faster flow rate, reduced downtime, ease of use and lower adhesive costs.

The HB 5010′s installed by McConnells over recent years have been used for adhesive applications  in each of the following industries:

Building Products Display and Packaging including Graphic Arts
Electronics Foam/plastic and textile
Plastics Wood processing and Furniture

The full range of Buhnen machines can be viewed online at the following link:

At McConnells, we are dedicated to offer the best machinery and service as well as fast and reliable deliveries of Hot Melt adhesives. We help and support our Customers in everything related to the adhesion process; selecting the correct adhesive, choosing and knowing about application equipment, stocking and delivering reliably, and addressing issues related to safety and environment, and issues of economy in the adhesion process.

If your Company would be interested in considering a HB 5010 or anothe Hot melt system- for assistance with selection, specification and trials please contact Tennant McConnell at +353-1-2822877 or e-mail to

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