McConnells rectifies Roof-tile colour on new bungalow to meet Planning stipulation

Compliance with the exterior colours stipulated by Planning Departments in new building development is critical.

In the case of a particular bungalow in County Leitrim, Ireland, due to a miss-communication the Builder arranged for to fit Red roof-tiles when in fact the planning permission stipulated Black roof-tiles

The Architect contacted McConnells to enquire if a coating could be supplied to cope with a life expectancy approaching ten years in the local exposure conditions.

Following reassurance to the parties, McConnells supplied its Fortacryl Q760 Roof-tile paint in Black for a two coat application in accordance with the instruction in the Product Data Sheet.

For this project, approximately 200 litres of Fortacryl Q760 Roof-tile paint in Black was supplied.

Fortacryl Q760 Roof-tile paint can be supplied in a wide range of colours including RAL and BS standards and unique colours can also be matched by McConnell’s.

For further information on this product and assistance in calculating quantity requirements please contact us at +353-1-2822877.

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