McConnells helps restore the appearance of a new concrete Bridge for the Luas line in docklands

The Luas rapid transport lines are significant developments in Dublin’s infrastructure. The docklands extension called for the construction of a new bridge over the canal, in this case a concrete structure.

In common with many such bridges, the concrete substrate exhibited variations in shading and colour. Such variations may result from factors such as different rates of hydration, differing types of shuttering or varying rates of pour or indeed inconsistency in materials.

In any event the visual appearance varied from the original concept and McConnells was asked to offer a solution.

McConnells selected Keim Concretal Lasur from its Keim Mineral Paints range as this Lasur product is a low pigmentation colour wash specifically on concrete and which is available in a wide range of colours. Lasur acts as a stain which penetrates the surface, equalises colour variation while maintaining the structure and feel of the concrete appearance.

Keim Lasur is generically similar to other Keim silicate paint systems comprising a water borne potassium silicate paint binder, inorganic mineral fillers and inorganic natural earth pigments which do not fade and are UV Stable.

McConnell’s also supplied Keim MX 694 Clear to overcoat the Concretal Lasur to provide an excellent quality anti-graffiti coating on the new bridge.

For further information in relation to this project please contact us at +353-1-2822877.

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