Keim Soldalit exterior masonry paints adds so much more!






To McConnells , the benefits of long-life Keim Exterior Masonry paints are easy to understand.  Keim’s next generation Soldalit (as shown on the above Church) is Keim’s new Mineral Silicate exterior paint with added simplicity for application by Painting Contractors and DIYer’s.

While many specifiers & property owners  will use economy film forming masonry paints these will have to be recoated every five years or so.  Over the years breathability is increasingly impaired.  Mineral Silicates offer an economic long-life alternative with extreme durability and weathering.  They are water repellant, breathable & very environmental friendly.  Soldalit has the additional bonus of ease of application in a variety of application situations and is supplied ready to apply without the necessity for added keim Dilution.  For further information and specification suggestions see the Soldalit page on our website with application information, data sheets etc..

Keim Mineral Silicate paints correctly applied have a life expectancy of up to 15 years before recating.  Recoating every five years or so with other paints seems like a heck of a lot of time, effort, and worse reducing the breathability of your walls, don’t you think? That’s where Keim Mineral Silicate exterior paints are a better choice and are utterly different!!

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