McConnells -Fifty years in Business

As we reach the end of 2011, McConnells has reached the notable landmark of half a century of supplying Industrial and Specialist Paints and Adhesives and related items.   The business was originally established as an add-on to George & Arthur McConnell’s Plastic Injection moulding business as a number of Customers wanted paint for the plastic components.  (For those of you interested in the roots of our family business, a summary of that history is recorded at the Company history link on our website.)

Arthur & George McConnell viewing a moulding machine - Milan 1968.

While initially established to supply finishing chemicals to the Shoe manufacturing businesses in Ireland, McConnells business developed greatly over they years and we now supply a broad range of Paints and Adhesives to Commercial, Manufacturing and Construction related businesses throughout Ireland, Europe and beyond.  Full details of our products are available on our website.

Over the years we and our Customers have benefited greatly from distribution relationships with a range of companies, many of which are ongoing,  including: ISF Group, Tivoli Kay Adhesives, Herberts GmbH, DuPont Specialty Chemicals, Bostik Gmbh, Power Adhesives,  Rustoleum Mathys, Meech Static Elimination, Keim Mineral Paints and Colquimica.  We thank them for their support to our Company in the past and  look forward to further developments with our current business partners in the future.

Most importantly at this time, the Directors Howard & Tennant McConnell,  also wish to express their appreciation to past & current employees for their contributions, and to our Customers for their support since the establishment of the business in 1961 by their father George McConnell, & their uncle Arthur McConnell.

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