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Spec MCC04: Coating of Old Stainless Steel Balusstrade

Draft specification for the coating of Old Stainless Steel balustrade.

Prepare the surface to be coated as follows:

  1. Solvent wipe the stainless steel thoroughly with Fortaclean A156 thinners to remove contaminants and allowed to dry.
  2. When dry, abrade the stainless steel surface, to provide a key for the primer coating. Remove any loose particles.
  3. Apply one thin coating of Temacoat GPLS primer RAL 7016 and allow to dry thoroughly.
  4. Apply one coat of Temadur 90 RAL 7016 as a top coating.

(Temacoat GPLS and Temadur 90 are available in a range of BS, RAL, and NCS colours- see colour selection on

Application of Temacoat GPLS and Temadur 90 to be as per manufactures instructions contained in the relevant Data sheets, available from McConnells.

Please consult with McConnell Coatings ( regarding volumes required.

All of our products are available direct from McConnells and are sold subject to the Company’s Standard Conditions of Sale.

The Company and its employees are often asked on potential uses of McConnell’s products in addition to those described in the Company’s data sheets. Whilst in such cases the Company and its representatives will always try to offer helpful and constructive advice, the Company cannot be held responsible for the results of such uses unless they are specifically confirmed in writing by McConnells. The Customer/User must always test our product in their particular application to satisfy themselves that their requirement is fulfilled before proceeding with their project.



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