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A significant element of business activity relates to the technical development of products and technical service in new and on-going applications. Over time the Company has gained substantial knowledge in our core business areas and has strong relationships with its Principals who are specialists in their own product applications.

As a consequence McConnells can provide consultancy services in the Paints, Adhesives and Static Elimination areas.


McConnells can provide advisory Paint Consultancy services across the public and private sectors. Our Consultants can:

Undertake paint surveys, inspection and failure investigation, including chemical analysis of products. Provide specifications for applications to meet client’s specific and defined requirements. Provide loading schedules to Architects for Steelwork to meet Fire regulations. Inspect and audit the application of Intumescent paint to ensure that the correct loadings have been applied to specification. Assist with pre-qualification submissions from and the selection of Painting Contractors. Carry out technical audits of contractors prior to contract award and conduct independent on-site surveys.


McConnells can provide advisory Adhesives Consultancy services across public and private sectors. Our Consultants can:

Test bonds, assess bonding procedures and application equipment for liquid based and Hot Melt adhesives. Undertake failure investigations, including chemical analysis of products. Recommend adhesives and application equipment for new operations

Static Elimination

Equipment McConnells provides advisory Static Elimination Consultancy services across various sectors, especially high speed lines involving plastics.

Our Consultants can:

Undertake site surveys and measure static problems. Prepare reports highlighting the issues and recommend solutions to eliminate the problems.

Services for Architects

McConnells and our Principals Consultants are available to conduct seminars and suggest suitable systems for each individual project's requirements.

In addition, McConnells can

Offer demonstrations of our paints on test areas on site at the Architects request.

Offer the services of Keim’s in-house consultancy in colour design for facade and interior projects.

Services for applicators

McConnells Consultants will help to see each project through to its end by training applicators on how to apply our products and by offering on-going advice on quality control on-site.



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