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Tikkurila Temaspeed Information

Tikkurila Temaspeed Information

McConnells Tikkurila “Temaspeed” - Industrial Paint Service

Temaspeed is the trade name for Tikkurila Coatings industrial paint distribution Business, and McConnells distributes this wide range of first class paints and coatings for the metal and wood industries as well as for floor coating contractors.


The Temaspeed philosophy is about fast and efficient local service and local knowledge, combined with the benefits offered by an internationally renowned coatings manufacturer. Fast service is based on Tikkurila's state of the art colourant addition technology and manufacturing techniques in producing consistent base paints, and the professional skills of McConnells in “same day manufacture” to our ISO 9001:2008

At McConnells, we are dedicated to offer the best service as well as fast and reliable deliveries for industrial paint users. The Temaspeed system enables us to do so.


We help and support our Customers in everything related to painting process; selecting correct paint or paint system, choosing and knowing about colours, even if it is about coloured primers, aerosols or stains, delivering the correct amount of each shade, issues related to safety and environment, and issues of economy of the painting process.

This enables our Customers to have confidence in our products.

The key benefit from Temaspeed is that whichever industrial coating or paint system is chosen; McConnells can get the precise colour which the Customer requires with the Temaspeed system in a couple of minutes, and with McConnells Spectro non-standard colour matches can be achieved to unique colour samples in a very short time.  These can then be saved as unique colours for specific Customers.


The Temaspeed Premium colour bank includes more than 11 000 colour formulae covering all main international colour cards like NCS, RAL and British Standard. All major OEM machinery colours can be reproduced using Tikkurila's colour matching software, which can identify and match almost any colour simply on the basis of a sample.


The Temaspeed Range includes:


Temaprime – single pack quick air drying primers

Temalac – single pack quick air drying finishes

Temabond – epoxy mastics

Temadur – two pack polyurethane coatings

Temacoat – two pack epoxy coatings

Temafloor- single and two pack floor coatings

Temaclad – single pack coatings

Temazinc – zinc rich primers

Duasolid – two pack machinery finishes

Fontacoat - two pack waterbased epoxy coatings


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For assistance with selection, specification please contact our Sales Office at +353-1-2822877 or e-mail to



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