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Fortaprime A265 Rust Converter

Fortaprime A265 is a liquid Rust Converter, which converts the rusted and un-rusted metal areas to a non-corroding substrate.  This barrier coat prevents oxidation of the treated areas, and provides a sound basis for subsequent paint primers and topcoats.

Fortaprime A265 is applied by brush. Colour is clear.

Especially used as a primer for rusted steel surfaces where rust removal is difficult to achieve.

What's special about Fortaprime A265?

A265 is easy to apply by brush.

Rust conversion starts immediately after application.

The treated metal can be painted 24 hours after treatment with Fortaprime A265

Recommended Use

For application by brush onto Rusted metal areas where complete rust removal is not achievable.


Ideal for treating rust on corrugated Iron sheeting, containers, gates, doors, structural steelwork, machinery, prior to painting.

Applic. Method


Surface Dry


Hard Dry


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