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Belleview Eggs


McConnells was approached to solve a problem with smudging of the ink jet printing on their eggs.

Each individual egg has to be date stamped clearly for traceability. It was established that there was a need to ensure that the eggs were free of any static charge immediately prior to the printing process.

The solution was the installation of a Meech Model 915 ionising bar and a Model 904 power unit.



A MEECH 915 SHOCKLESS AC BAR was selected to be fitted to the printing machine to eliminate the static from the eggs.

bellview-eggs-2Product code: 915
Patent number: ZL200530000276.1
The Meech Model 915 AC Bar has been designed to meet the most arduous of static elimination problems, including those encountered in high speed applications. The powerful performance of the Model 915 provides very fast decay times and effective ionisation up to distances of 150mm. It is shockless and is easily maintained. The Model 915 is powered by the Model 904. Patent No. ZL200530000276.1



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