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Solvent Based Adhesives Information

Solvent Based Adhesives Information





McConnells: Solvent Based adhesives in liquid form for application by brush or spray. McConnells manufactures and supplies a wide range of solvent based adhesives principally for use in industry for lamination, product assembly and packaging applications. These are sold using a number of brand names including, Tacobond, Tacoprime, Tacoprene, and Tacogrip, and most have been tailored for specific applications.

For example, these adhesives find application in the following industries:

Building Products
Display and Packaging
Foam/plastic and textile
Wood processing and Furniture

McConnells philosophy in supplying this range is about application knowledge, fast and efficient local service and local knowledge, combined with the benefits offered by an experienced local manufacturer. Our Company is an experienced and reliable ISO Quality Standard manufacturer.
Fast service is based on McConnells state of the art Stock and Distribution system. Our products are filled off in various container sizes from 5lts to 1000lt IBCs.

We help and support our Customers in everything related to the adhesion process; testing samples with various grades, selecting the correct grade, arranging modifications, choosing and knowing about application equipment, dealing with issues related to safety and environment, and issues of economy in the adhesion process.

This enables our Customers to have confidence in our products.

The Solvent based range is extensive and generally application specific.

For assistance with selection, specification etc., please contact our Sales Office at +353-1-2822877 or e-mail to
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