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Lamination Adhesives Information

Lamination Adhesives Information





McConnells distributes the Herberts range of specialist lamination adhesives on behalf of Bostik GmbH - World leaders in the development of Lamination adhesives for flexible films. McConnells have represented Herberts since 1994.

For many applications, such as flexible packaging, the use of a single material may not satisfy all of the properties demanded of the product. In these cases, a composite consisting of two or more layers of material may provide the desired performance, e.g. Packaging for potato crisps and packaging for confectionery products.

A particularly common means of creating such a composite is to laminate various polymeric films to other films, foils, papers, etc. with a polymeric adhesive. This production solution is commonly employed in the packaging industry where the end-products require multi-functional properties, such as high tensile strength and high gas permeability. The laminate construction can become rather complicated due to the nature of the specific application.
The Herberts range was originally developed by Herberts GmbH, a subsidiary of Hoechst GmbH. The Herberts business was sold firstly to DuPont Performance Coatings, and later to Bostik GmbH.


Expert advice and support

All Bostik adhesives are supported by comprehensive technical literature and a team of experts available to assist McConnells and their Customers in product selection, testing, introduction to production and continuing post-application support and service.


A reputation beyond doubt

Bostik works with many of the world’s leading Laminators and has provided laminating adhesives for many substrate types and combinations. The company enjoys an industry-wide renown not only for its expertise, but also for its attitude: Bostik and McConnells are satisfied only when customers are more than satisfied.

Bostik are Lamination Adhesive specialists, and a recognised authority in this field
Bostik delivers trusted, high quality laminating adhesives in more than 20 countries worldwide and remains a prolific innovator. Bostik GmbH’s manufacturing operation employs state-of-the-art production technology, backed by industry-leading quality control procedures to ensure consistently high performance across the product range.

The R&D lab, one of Europe’s largest independent facilities of its type, includes customer training facilities and fully-equipped lamination machinery for in-house testing and assessment.

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