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About McConnells


McConnells ethos developed from the Standards set by the founding Directors and the requirements and of its original customers in the Shoemaking industry.

The Company now places particular emphasis on;

Dealing openly, honestly and ethically with Customers, Suppliers, and Employees, our Service providers, and State and Semi-State Agencies.

Ensuring that we produce and supply high quality products to meet the particular requirements of our Customers.

Offering beneficial on-going technical support to Customers in the light of the frequently changing materials in their applications.

Delivering promptly and in accordance with legislative requirements.

Constantly improving our Quality Management System so that our procedures ensure our best performance for the benefit of our Customers.

Attending to the Health and Safety of our employees and providing information on Health and Safety for Customers.

Operating consistently to the standards and requirements of the Company's Environmental Management System.

About McConnells

Our Core Business

McConnells PremisesMcConnells is a family owned business, established in 1961, which develops, manufactures and distributes Paints, Coatings and Adhesives to a variety of Customer groups, including businesses and individuals.

The range of products includes those manufactured in-house and those distributed on behalf of multi-national chemical companies with whom McConnells has distribution agreements.

In addition the company supplies related equipment involved in the application of its product range and Static Elimination Equipment. These ancillary items include, paint spraying equipment, brushes and rollers etc., hot melt adhesive tanks and hot melt adhesive hand held guns.

Our own manufactured Paints and Coatings include Water based and Solvent based products for General Industry OEM, for Building and Equipment Maintenance and Improvement, and for specialist application e.g. at Airports.

These products are supplied in McConnells own decorated containers using trade names such as Fortalac, Fortaprime, Fortaguard, Fortacoat, Fortachlor, Fortacryl, Intercoat, Interlac, and Isotac.

In addition, McConnells acts as a Specialist Distributor for a number of international Paint Manufacturers. For these companies’ product ranges, the knowledge and experience of McConnells staff is an essential ingredient in the selection, specification and application of the products for specific projects. Our Distributorships include:

Tikkurila Temaspeed: for High Performance Protective Coatings, General Industrial paints, and New Build and Renovation paints.

Paint StoreKeim Paints: for environmentally friendly Mineral Silicate Building Coatings based on natural occurring pigments.

Rust-Oleum Mathys: for speciality New Build, Building upgrade and Maintenance Coatings many of which are Water based.

Our own manufactured Adhesives include Water based and Solvent based products for General Industry product assembly and packaging, and for the construction market.

These products are supplied in McConnells own decorated containers using trade names such as Tacobond, Tacoprene and Tacotex.

In addition, McConnells acts as a Special Distributor for a number of international Adhesives Manufacturers. e.g.

Herberts Adhesives: for flexible Plastic film lamination in the packaging industry.

Power Adhesives: for high quality shaped Hot Melt adhesives for assembly and packaging applications, and Power adhesives own manufactured Hot Melt Guns for extrusion and spray application.

Colquimica S.A. (Adhesives): for high quality bulk Hot Melt adhesives in granular, pillow and block form for assembly and packaging applications in industry, for extrusion or spray application from bulk Hot Melt tanks and hoses.

Buhnen GmbH: for excellent quality bulk Hot Melt tanks and hoses designed for the application of Bulk Hot Melt by spray and extrusion in a wide range of applications.

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Fortacryl E411 5LTs

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