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About McConnells


McConnells warehouseMcConnells Paint and Adhesives business originated as an “offshoot” of the McConnell family’s Plastic Injection Moulding business in 1961, located in Ballycorus, Kilternan. Co. Dublin.

Historically, the family supplied the Irish Shoemaking industry with wood and cork heals for ladies shoes as part of its wood products business.

Following the introduction of polystyrene plastic as a replacement for wood and cork, and in response to the requirement of Clarks of Dundalk, the founders of the business, Arthur and George McConnell, purchases a Negri Bossi plastic injection moulding machine in Milan.  This was the first plastic Injection moulding machine to be introduced in Ireland.

The shoe heals produced with polystyrene were white in colour and there was an immediate requirement and opportunity to have these painted for Customers or to supply Customers with paint and other shoe chemicals for footwear finishing.

In response to this opportunity, the founders entered into a Licence agreement to manufacture Shoe Chemicals with International Shoe Findings Limited (ISF), based in Leicester, England.  ISF was a specialist and well established Shoe Chemicals manufacturing business.

In 1967 a separate company, International Coatings Limited, was established to concentrate on the development of the Shoe Chemicals business.

McConnells adhesive business developed as a direct result of its involvement with the footwear industry.  In 1971 Tivoli-Kay Adhesives, a major UK supplier of adhesives to the footwear industry required a reliable Distributor for Ireland.  In the course of discussions with ISF, ISF recommended McConnells and this led to a manufacturing and distribution agreement.

From these roots in the Footwear industry, the business developed to also become a general industry developer, manufacturer and supplier of a broad range of Paints, Coatings and Adhesives.

In 2001, the range of Paint products and the Customer base was increased following the acquisition of the Everlac Paints business from the RS Group in Dublin.

In addition to the manufacture of products, the Directors were aware of the need to build the product range by distributing for larger scale manufacturers.  Relationships were developed with Multi-national businesses in the Paints and Adhesives markets.  As a consequence in 1994, the Company entered into an Agency and Distribution agreement with Herberts GmbH for their specialist flexible film laminating adhesives.

In 2004, McConnells acquired the Amwell Services Limited business, a business involved in the distribution of paints to general industry and Painting Contractors for commercial and industrial buildings.   As a consequence McConnells became a Distributor for Tikkurila, Hempel, Rust-oleum, Martin Mathys, Coo-Var, and Firwood Paints.

In 2008, McConnells added the Keim Mineral Paints range to its portfolio when McConnells was appointed to Distribute Keim’s products in Ireland.  These are mineral silicate based paints for concrete and render finishes on building interiors and exteriors.  These are environmentally friendly Water based paints in which the pigmentation is based on natural occurring materials.


From the establishment of the business, and the introduction of the Environmental Protection Act, McConnells has had its environmental performance as a hallmark of its Ethos, “Meeting the obligations and conditions of our IPPC Licence, initially issued to the Company in 1997, including subsequent additions and requirements.”

Following the introduction of the Act, McConnells achieved its Integrated Pollution Licence in 1997, becoming the first paint or Adhesives Company in Ireland to do so.

The Company has a comprehensive Environmental Management System in place which was established to the satisfaction of the EPA.

In relation to its product range, McConnells offers environmentally friendly Paint and Adhesive products for many applications.  Our policy is to bring these to the attention of our Customers for practical and economic assessment in the light of their applications.


From the establishment of the business, McConnells has had high quality standards as a hallmark of its Ethos, “Ensuring that we produce and supply high quality products to meet the particular requirements of our Customers”

Following the introduction of the ISO Quality Management Standard, McConnells achieved certification to ISO 9002 in 1991, becoming the first Paint or Adhesives Company in Ireland to do so.

The business is currently certified to ISO 9001:2008.

Architects and Engineers

A significant element of our business involves the frequent provision of technical information and specifications to Specifiers, including Architects, Engineers, Painting Contractors, Businesses and Individuals.  We welcome enquiries and assist with the preparation of specifications

For many applications, it is essential that we are provided with detailed information in order to suggest products and systems to meet the requirements, and to enable our Customers to test and approve these in their particular application.  For example, we prepare schedules to set out the grades and quantities of Intumescent Paint to be applied to building Steelwork in order to meet Fire regulations.

For many products our input in also important as the Painter or Bonder may not be familiar with the specific application system.  For example, we visit sites to assist Architects in the selection of Keim paints and to support Painting Contractor unfamiliar in the application of these products


As McConnells products find applications in many areas, our Customers base is very wide.

In relation to Paints and Coatings, the broad categories of Customers are as follows:

  • Industrial Product manufacturers, OEM items.
  • Metal Fabricators
  • Builders Suppliers
  • Painting and Building Contractors
  • Maintenance Departments
  • Private Individuals
  • Airports
In relation to Adhesives, the broad categories of Customers are as follows:
  • Industrial Product manufacturers (for assembly and packaging), OEM items.
  • Builders Suppliers
  • Specialist Plastic Lamination businesses

In relation to Static Elimination, the Customers are essentially Industrial filling and packaging lines on which static charge build-up is a product or Health and Safety issue.


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